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Covid 19 safety measures

In order to keep our members safe we have the following measures in place:

1) Temperature will be taken at entrance.

2) We have disinfectant stations at entrances, exits, and at each strip.

3) Classes are limited to 8 people.

4) Each fencer will be assigned their own strip so we can maintain social distancing. 

5) Entrance and exit will be designated.

6) Each reel will have disinfectant for before and after use.

7) Masks are mandatory and we will have some on hand in case you don’t have one. 

8) Every fencer needs to have their own equipment, beginner fencers will not use equipment until it's safe to do so.

9) Fencers should bring their own water. However, if you’ve forgotten to bring some, the club will have bottled water available. 

10) We will allow 15 minutes in between each private lesson and 30 minutes in between each class so that the gym is properly disinfected.

11) Only fencers will be allowed into the Salle. Parents and siblings need to wait outside. There is a large window if you’d like to observe.

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